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Brilliant talk by Cell EXPLORERS Cora at Famelab Galway 2019

Twelve contestants from the West of Ireland battled at the Famelab Galway heat in An Taibhdhearc on the 21st of February.

Cell EXPLORERS Cora, 3rd year zoology undergraduate student, spoke about snake bites - she was well prepared and eloquent! It was her first public speaking experience and she was amazing! Congratulations Cora! We are proud of you!

There was a fantastic lineup including some of our friends: Megane from EcoExplorers, who brought her friend Matt the Python; Kate Warde from the Lambe Institute who talked how a scientific fraud gave rise to the anti-wax movement, and Francesco from NUIGalway Chemistry who talked about climate change.

Megane won the audience vote, yeah! Congratulations to Fiona Malone from GMIT and James Blackwell from NUIGalway who won their way to the national final in Dublin on the 14th of April 2019.

The panel of judges was of diverse expertise and brilliant : Laura Rigney from Brigit's Garden, Brenda Romero, Paul Fahy from Galway International Arts festival and Laoise MacNamarra from NUIGalway Biomedical Engineering.

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