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Cell EXPLORERS TUS midwest

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Contact the Cell EXPLORERS TUS midwest team and arrange a school visit email

The Cell EXPLORERS TUS midwest team are currently preparing their team to deliver the Fantastic DNA in a Box remote online session to schools around the Limerick area for Science Week in November 2022. 



The Cell EXPLORERS Technological University Shannon (formerly Limerick Institute of Technology) Team was established in 2019 in collaboration with Dr Marie Walsh and Dr Siobhan Curtin. To learn more about TUS midwest visit

The CE TUS midwest Team had a good start in 2019 bringing Fantastic DNA during May and June to 2 schools in Limerick and Ennis, Co. Clare. This year the team will be engaging with more schools around Limerick.

The Team

The Team


The Cell EXPLORERS TUS midest team is made up of enthusiastic undergraduate and postgraduate students from the School of Natural Sciences LIT. The team is coordinated by Dr Marie Walsh and Dr Siobhan Curtin of the School of Natural Science.

Their team, pictured right, have a passion for communicating their love of science to young children and are excited by the opportunity to interact with primary schools around Limerick.


Cell EXPLORERS LIT team in 2019

Marie Walsh.jpg
Dr. Marie Walsh

Cell Explorers TUS midwest Coordinator


Department of Applied Science,

Technological University Shannon

Marie Walsh is a lecturer in Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Science in the Applied Science Department at TUS midwest. A graduate of the University of Glasgow and Queen’s University Belfast, she was awarded a B.Sc. in Life Sciences and PGCE in Chemistry and Biology. She also has an M.Sc. in Communicating Science. Marie is one of the TUS coordinators for TUS midwest CELL EXPLORERS team. She is also currently co-ordinating two Erasmus+ projects – MathE and FICTION. She is involved in several outreach initiatives at TUS, and co-ordinates Science Week, Space Week and CanSat events in the Institute.

Siobhan Curtin.jpeg
Dr. Siobhán Curtin

Cell Explorers TUS midwest Coordinator


Department of Applied Science,

Technological University Shannon

Dr. Siobhán Curtin is a lecturer in Instrumental Analysis and Quality Management in the Applied Science Department at TUS. A graduate of the University of Limerick, she was awarded a B.Sc. (Ed) in Biological Sciences with chemistry and a PhD from the Department of Life Sciences. Siobhán, one of TUS midwest Cell EXPLORERS coordinators, is also a researcher on the Erasmus+ funded  MathE project. She is involved in a number of outreach initiatives at TUS. One of her main research interests is in the area of STEM Education.


School visits

School Visits

The first TUS midwest Cell EXPLORERS school visit took place in May 2019 as a training visit with the coordinators from the NUI Galway team. The team had good start visiting 2 schools including 4 classes to engage 101 children with Fantastic DNA.

TUS midwest team will continue to visit schools in 2022. If you would like Cell EXPLORERS TUS MidWest team to bring Fantastic DNA to your school contact the team by email.

lit final map.png

School visits by the Cell EXPLORERS TUS team in 2019

What pupils & teachers have to say 

We collect feedback from pupils and teachers via questionnaires after each Fantastic DNA session. 

Click on the links below to see the latest visual infographic on feedback collected about visits delivered by the CE TUS MidWest team! 

"The demonstrator was wonderful greatly organised efficient and satisfactory. Thank you for coming it made me think about being a scientist"

"cell explorers are so good I want to be a scientist when I grow up"

Heading 5

TUS midwest Team Training School Visit

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