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Discipline of Biochemistry

The Discipline of Biochemistry

The Discipline continues to contribute to, and support, our work and gives us a home! 

The Galway Science and Technology Festival & Forum

The festival runs in Galwayover two weeks every year in late October/November. The forum supports Cell EXPLORERS who run several workshops on festival exhibition day


When Cell EXPLORERS and Eco EXPLORERS combine to host science holiday camps! 

SFI Discover

The Education and Public Engagement branch of Science Foundation Ireland has been a funder of Cell EXPLORERS since 2013

ReelLife Science 

National primary and secondary school science video competition run in partnership with Cell EXPLORERS

School of Natural Sciences

The School of Natural Sciences

in NUI Galway continues to support Cell EXPLORERS financially as part of their pubic engagement in science mission.


Science outreach program run by Dr. Michel Dugon that teaches children about ecology and zoology

Dr. How's Science Wows!

Dr. Naomi Lavelle runs science activity based workshops and parties for kids and writes a science blog

Centre for Chromosome Biology

An NUI Galway research group that studies chromosomes and links to disease. 

School of Education

The School of Education

We work closely with the School of Education, in particular Andrea Higgins, to ensure effective teaching in our activities.

Galway Education Centre

Hosts continual professional development courses for teachers 

Galway Neuroscience Centre

Based in the NCBES in NUI Galway it is a hub of neuroscience research, also involved in Brain Awareness Week in NUIG 



The Centre for Excellence in Learning and Teaching promotes better research-driven methods in effective teaching at third level. 

NUI Galway Youth Academy

The Youth Academy, which Cell EXPLORERS contributes to, works with high ability primary school children to support their learning.

CKI ALIVE programme

ALIVE is NUI Galway's student volunteering programme. Cell EXPLORERS volunteers can apply for the ALIVE certificate! 

NUI Galway Students Union

The students union supports Explore Innovation, where Cell EXPLORERS got its start. 

Michelle Campion Art

The amazingly talented Michelle designed our latest logo!(top right hand corner of the page)

Explore Innovation

The EXPLORER innovation initiative supports NUI Galway student and staff projects. Cell EXPLORERS began as an EXPLORE innovation initiative! 

The Biochemical Society

Advances molecular and cellular biosciences. Cell EXPLORERS has been a recipient of their Scientific Outreach Grants which have helped develop new sessions.

The American Society of Cellular Biology

Is an international community of biologists that study the cell. In 2014 the ASCB aided development of the Brain EXPLORERS workshop through their Outreach Grant. 

NSTS Malta

The NSTS supports the Malta Science Expo at which Cell EXPLORERS partakes every year 

Discipline of Microbiology

The University of Limerick

The Cell EXPLORERS UL Team was established in April 2015 and will bring the Fantastic DNA school visit to schools around Limerick. Find out more here.

Athlone Institute of Technology

The Cell EXPLORERS AIT Team began in May 2015 and will deliver Fantastic DNA to schools around Athlone. More info here.

The Discipline of Microbiology

We have worked with Microbiology in NUI Galway to run final year science outreach and education projects and design school sessions based on the topic of microbes.

Our Galway City partner schools: Scoil Iognaid, Galway Educate Together National School, Coaiste Einde and St Joseph's Patrician College ('The Bish') 


Thanks to all the wonderful teachers and classes that work with us and allow us to pilot activities, without them we could not develop the resources that we bring to other schools throughout the county. 

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