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Teacher Zone


Hello and welcome to our Teacher Zone.


Here you can get access to all documents that allow you to take part in our online activities.


To access the resources you must first become a site member:

  1.  Click on the relevant resource button below

  2.  When prompted you can Log in using your details, or Sign Up. To Sign up: enter your email address and a password . You will receive a link to your email.

  3. Once you have logged into the site you may be redirected to the Home Page. 

This zone contains the resources related to the Fantastic DNA session that we normally take to schools on our science roadshows, as well as different hands-on activities that we have designed on other topics such as the heart, lungs and genetics (see below).

Activities delivered in 2024:


Other teacher resources:

Cell Explorers Conferences resources



Scientix Cell EXPLORERS workshop presentations:

Resources mentioned in these presentations can be found on the resources pages above.

If you use any of these resources in your class we would love to get some feedback from you - you can email 

Happy science teaching!

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