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The Cell EXPLORERS IT Carlow team brings the Fantastic DNA School Roadshow to primary schools around Carlow.

Visits can take place during Spring 2020 and later on this autumn around the time of National Science Week in November 2020.



The Cell EXPLORERS Institute of Technology Carlow team was established in May 2017. The team is based in the Department of Science and Health, IT Carlow. The team is coordinated by Dr Guiomar Garcia-Cabellos with support from Dr Gary Cahill, Dr Kieran Germaine and Dr Rosemary O'Hara, three lecturers from IT Carlow. The majority of the team members who demonstrate in the schools are postgraduate students with an interest in science outreach from the Science and Health Department. 


The team successfully brought the Fantastic DNA School Roadshow to primary schools around Carlow in Autumn 2019 and had a big presence around the time of National Science Week in November. The team is all set to bring the Fantastic DNA to more schools this year in 2020 and to the Science Week in November 2020.


Learn more about the past school visits of the team and the evaluation feedback they have received from schools in the infographic section.



The Team


Meet the Cell EXPLORERS Institute of Technology Carlow team. You can read more about the wonderful coordinators who will be running the team below. These are lecturers with an interest in science outreach and a passion for engaging young children in science.


With their team of volunteers, the IT Carlow team will be engaging primary school children around Carlow during the 2019/20 academic year, teaching them about DNA and helping them perform DNA extractions in their own classrooms! 

Cell EXPLORERS IT Carlow team during 2019

Dr. Guiomar Garcia-Cabellos

Cell EXPLORERS ITC Coordinator

Senior Technical Officer

PhD in Environmental Microbiology

Dr. Guiomar Garcia-Cabellos is a graduate of the Universidad Autonoma of Madrid (Spain) where she completed her undergraduate studies in General Biology. She completed her PhD in the Institute of Technology Carlow, under the supervision of Dr David Dowling. This focused on the interactions between plants and microbes for improved bioremediation using constructed wetlands. She studied the endophytic and exophytic bacterial population of one particular plant commonly used in wetlands, Iris pseudacorus and the ability of these bacteria to breakdown pollutants. Her current research interests include the bioremediation of environmental pollutants including landfill leachate and TBT (a kind of paint), investigations into the presence of lithium and other metals in freshwater systems and novel gene transfer systems in commercially important crops.

Dr. Gary Cahill

Assistant Lecturer


Institute of Technology Carlow

Dr. Cahill is a physicist, with a great interest in informal science and outreach. He often leads interesting discussions with the public about topics such as the Big Bang and regularly delivers public lectures during Science Week.

Dr. Kieran Germaine


Bioenvironmental Science,

Institute of Technology Carlow

Dr. Germaine is mainly interested in isolating and characterising organic pollutant degrading bacteria, isolating heavy metal resistant bacteria, plant growth promoting  bacteria and their growth promoting traits,  bacterial genomics, uses of plant associated bacteria as biocontrol agents, bacterial biosensors, plant microbiomes, waste water bioremediation, human pathogens survival in the plant biosphere, and genetic characterisation of Brassica napus. As well as his involvement with Cell EXPLORERS, he is also involved in secondary school science promotion programmes such as the Young Scientist competition.


School Visits

In the Autumn of 2019 Carlow visited 6 schools that included 8 classes, during Science Week in November 2019.

The IT Carlow team was set up in May 2017 with a training visit from the NUI Galway coordinators which consisted of "on campus" training of volunteers, followed by a training school visit to Myshall National School. Since then, the IT Carlow team have been bringing the Fantastic DNA roadshow to schools all over Carlow and the surrounding Counties.

The team will continue school visits this year. If you would like the team to visit your school, please contact  by email.

ITC 2019 new map.png

Map of Cell EXPLORERS IT Carlow team visits of 2019.

Check the team impact and the feedback from schools!

All children and teachers visited have a chance to provide us with feedback on the visit. This helps us to evaluate the quality and impact of our visits!

A summary infographic is generated for each team every year. It shows the metrics of the team activity, highlighting children's and teacher's experience by summarising their feedback and includes pictures from school visits.

Click on the links to discover the IT Carlow team visits over the past years.

ITC team training visit to Myshall NS

Team training visit
Team training visit

ITC Team

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Team training visit
Team training visit

Fantastic DNA session

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Team training visit
Team training visit

Spooling DNA into small a tube

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Team training visit
Team training visit

ITC Team

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