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What people say about Cell EXPLORERS

On this page you can read feedback from participants, parents and teachers on our different roadshows and workshops. Have a look through our feedback gallery for school website reports and children's write ups of their experiments as well as childrens' drawings of the experiments they do and the Cell EXPLORERS scientists they meet!


Click on the testimonials button on the right to read testimonials from volunteers and a teacher from one of our partner schools.

Feedback Gallery
Fantastic DNA School Roadshow


  • I loved when the cell EXPLORERS came to our school because we never get to do experiments

     and it was really funny working in groups.

  • You did a great job and I want you to come back next year!

  • It changed my view on science because it was really fun!




  • The information was pitched at their level and the children were immediately engaged and interested.

  • There was a perfect balance between theory and practical work. The session was highly organised with an instructor for every small group.

  • I loved how each group had their own helper. This meant that each group were kept focused at all times and had guided assistance if and when needed. Session was hands-on! Children love to be involved

  • It was very practical and an interesting topic for the children. The fact that they could go home with an actual DNA sample was very exciting for the kids. The session was very well organised and the demonstrators were great with the group

“Little Cells” school visits for primary school Junior Cycle



  • It was something different - caught the children's attention.

  • The balance between presentation and activity was good. Demonstrators were well prepared and interacted well with children. Demonstrators worked well as a team.

  • I found the material to be very child friendly and very at their level. The pupils were very attentive and interested in the material. They had never learned anything about cells before.

  • The number of presenters kept the session interesting and children enjoyed learning abut cells and making the cells.

  • The pupils really benefitted from it. It was very clear, concise, child friendly and it was presented to them in different ways and they really kept their attention span. I would definitely recommend Little Cells. It worked very well with this small group as the facilitators were able to work with small groups and this helped the children get a better understanding of it

The School of Natural Sciences Next Top Model – Exhibition Day




  • It was great and now I want to work in a lab when I'm older!

  • It was all fantastic! I had fun and it was interesting.

  • Brilliant, amazing. A great experience, definitely coming back next year!

  • This was class!

  • I found it very informative and before I came today I would have never had an interest now I do.



  • Fantastic, see you next year!

  • Well done on level of knowledge and simplifying topics. Very interesting presentation!

  • All were excellent and most encouraging my children to study. Keep up the good work. 

The Cell EXPLORERS Show – Exhibition day



  • I learned a lot – amazing!

  • I used to not like science but now I love it too much!

  • Excellent!

  • Great day. It was cool! It was fun!



  • I want to in particular compliment the Cell EXPLORERS team. Their workshop on Sunday was outstanding. It really made biology interesting. My three children 12,10 and 8 really enjoyed it as did I.

  • It was very very good. SUPER. Excellent festival and great students. Well organised- flowed perfectly well done. Excellent staff/demonstrators. Staff brilliant. Brilliantly presented by enthusiastic scientists. Can’t wait for next year – my son loved it!

  • Very fun and interesting for kids.

  • Excellent way to learn!

  • Very tactile and interactive.

  • College students very enthusiastic!

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