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Cell EXPLORERS Open Badges!

Open Badges are an online way of recognising skills and acheivements, much like a traditional paper certificate does. Cell EXPLORERS have developed a series of 6 Open Badges, each representing a specific set of skills and acheivements, that you can aim to earn.


You can see the badges in the diagram below, which gives an overview of how the badges are related. The Demonstrator badge is the first basic badge to acheive, after that you can begin collecting the Communicator, Leader or Creator badges. Collect all 4 and you will have earned the Acheiver badge and for the truly committed there is the Master badge to aim for! 


Click on the Earn, Collect or Use buttons above to find out more about what you need to do to earn each badge, how you can apply and collect your badge at the end of the year and how you can use your Open Badge on your online CV. 

Our thanks to Grainne and Blaneth from CELT who helped us set up the Badge System. If you want to find out about Open Badges you can click here to learn more. NUI Galway is currently leading a national initiative investigating the use of badges in Higher Education. If you are interested in learning more about this badge initiative, please get in touch Here!

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