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Introduction to Cell EXPLORERS
Online module

Training for Cell EXPLORERS volunteers

Interested in learn more about what the Cell EXPLORERS programme does? Complete this online interactive module to find out!  We recommend you complete these modules on a computer (e.g. desktop/laptop) and not a tablet or mobile device.


Click on 'Read' in the box below to start. 

15-20 minutes 

Your training progress

Unfortunately we cannot automatically track your training progress. However, after completing this module your progress should look like this:

Completed by all CE volunteers

Completed by any CE volunteers that want to deliver Fantastic DNA

Arrange with your Cell EXPLORERS local coordinator

Complete 'Intro to Cell EXPLORERS' online module

Complete 'Being an Explainer' online module

Sign the 'Volunteer Enrollment' form

Complete the 'FDIAB' online module

Complete 'Q&A' online module

Give feedback on the online training

Attend practical training for FDIAB 

Go on your 1st FDIAB visit!

Complete the 'CE ethos' online module

10-15 min

15-20 min

5 min

30-45 min

15-20 min

10 min

2.5 hours

1-3 hours

15-20 min

Click on the next module to proceed. 

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