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Being a Cell EXPLORERS volunteer
Online module

Training for Cell EXPLORERS volunteers

So you now know a little bit about what Cell EXPLORERS is and what we are trying to achieve.

Cell EXPLORERS volunteers are the heart and soul of our programme - without you we would not exist. We call our volunteers explainers. This module will explain what is involved in being a Cell EXPLORERS explainer, provide you with some basics in science communication, and take you through some importance aspects of child protection and safeguarding.

After completing this module you will be asked to fill out a volunteer enrollment form. That will make you an official volunteer!


We recommend you complete these modules on a computer (e.g. desktop/laptop) and not a tablet or mobile device.


Click on 'Read' in the box below to start. 

20-25 minutes 

Complete the Cell EXPLORERS Enrolment form
Document with Pen

Now that you have completed the 'Being a Cell EXPLORERS explainer' module, you must complete the CE Volunteer Enrolment formThis MS form collect information about you and will ask about your decision regarding 3 important points:

  1. The Cell EXPLORERS volunteer agreement form

  2. Cell EXPLORERS data protection policy

  3. Your picture consent

You can refresh your memory about these documents by reading the relevant pages in the module above. To complete the form click on your Cell EXPLORERS team below (CE team coordinators should click on University of Galway). A new window will open containing the Microsoft Form. 

Enrollment form

After the module

Your training progress

Unfortunately we cannot automatically track your training progress. However, after completing this module your progress should look like this:

Completed by all CE volunteers

Completed by any CE volunteers that want to deliver Fantastic DNA

Arrange with your Cell EXPLORERS local coordinator

Complete 'Intro to Cell EXPLORERS' online module

Complete 'Being an Explainer' online module

Sign the 'Volunteer Enrollment' form

Complete the 'FDIAB' online module

Complete 'Q&A' online module

Give feedback on the online training

Attend practical training for FDIAB 

Go on your 1st FDIAB visit!

Complete the 'CE ethos' online module

10-15 min

15-20 min

5 min

30-45 min

15-20 min

10 min

2.5 hours

1-3 hours

15-20 min

If you are planning on delivering Fantastic DNA, click on the next module to proceed: FDIAB online module 

If you are planning to deliver a different activity (e.g. Fantastic DNA at home, Lab prep), contact your local coordinator

Check progress
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