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About the Cell EXPLORERS ethos 

Cell EXPLORERS employs a specific approach to all their activities. In other words, we have a particular way of doing things and reasons informed by research - we call this our ethos.

To learn more about our ethos, complete the online interactive module below!

We recommend that volunteers complete this module after doing their first activity (e.g. participating in their first Fantastic DNA activity). This will help you to link the information in the module, with what you did at the activity!

This online module is mandatory for:

  • Cell EXPLORERS Coordinators

  • Cell EXPLORERS Team Leaders

  • Students completing their final year project with the Cell EXPLORERS Informal Science Education research group

  • Cell EXPLORERS staff members 

CE ethos.png
Give feedback on this module!

At this stage you should have completed...

Completed by all CE volunteers

Completed by any CE volunteers that want to deliver Fantastic DNA

Arrange with your Cell EXPLORERS local coordinator

Complete 'Intro to Cell EXPLORERS' online module

Complete 'Being an Explainer' online module

Sign the 'Volunteer Enrollment' form

Complete the 'FDIAB' online module

Complete 'Q&A' online module

Give feedback on the online training

Attend practical training for FDIAB 

Go on your 1st FDIAB visit!

Complete the 'CE ethos' online module

10-15 min

15-20 min

5 min

30-45 min

15-20 min

10 min

2.5 hours

1-3 hours

15-20 min

Depending on your partner Cell EXPLORERS team, there may be further training opportunities available to you. Contact your local CE coordinator for more information. 

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