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Volunteer online training Core Modules

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Find below the 2 core training modules taken by all Cell EXPLORERS volunteers in our network of teams across Ireland. To get started - scroll down or click on one of the buttons below to jump to your module!

CM 1
Core Module 1: Introduction to Cell EXPLORERS
Core Module 2: Being a Cell EXPLORERS explainer  
CM 2
Complete the Cell EXPLORERS Enrollment form
Document with Pen

Now that you have completed the 'Being a Cell EXPLORERS explainer' module, you must complete the CE Volunteer Enrollment formThis MS form will ask about your decision regarding 3 important documents:

  1. The Cell EXPLORERS volunteer agreement form

  2. Cell EXPLORERS data protection policy

  3. Your picture consent

You can refresh your memory about these documents by reading the relevant pages in the module above. To complete the form click on your Cell EXPLORERS team below (CE team coordinators should click on NUI Galway). A new window will open containing the Microsoft Form. 

IT Carlow


MTU Cork

MTU Kerry

CM 3
Sign forms
Finished the 2 modules?

Check! Did you...

If you are doing Fantastic DNA visits (in-person or online) now complete the specific activity modules Fantastic DNA in a Box and Answering Questions. 

Completed by all CE volunteers

Completed by any CE volunteers that want to deliver Fantastic DNA

Arrange with your Cell EXPLORERS local coordinator

Complete 'Intro to Cell EXPLORERS' online module

Complete 'Being an Explainer' online module

Sign the 'Volunteer Enrollment' form

Complete the 'FDIAB' online module

Complete 'Q&A' online module

Give feedback on the online training

Attend practical training for FDIAB 

Go on your 1st FDIAB visit!

Complete the 'CE ethos' online module

10-15 min

15-20 min

5 min

30-45 min

15-20 min

10 min

2.5 hours

1-3 hours

15-20 min

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