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Online training for specific activities 

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Here you will find additional online training modules for activities such as Fantastic DNA in a Box.   

Before you complete any of these modules, make sure that you have completed all three of the Core Training modules. These specific activity modules assume that you have done this!

To get started either scroll down or click on the button to jump to the module you want to do!

As this is a new way for training our volunteers, after completing each specific activity module you will be asked to provide us feedback by completing an MS Forms. Please do so - feedback is very helpful (especially critical feedback) for us to improve the experience for all volunteers!

Science behind FDNA

Coming Soon!

NUI Galway only


Specific activity module: Fantastic DNA in a Box

Useful Fantastic DNA in a Box resources to download:

Finished this module?


Specific activity module: Answering Questions & introducing yourself

Useful Answering Questions & Introducing yourself resources to download:

Finished this module?

Q&A feeback
Data entry

Specific activity module: Data entry training
NUI Galway volunteers only

Specific activity module: Data entry training

Download the data entry protocol:

Finished this module?

Specific activity module: Fantastic DNA at Home Online Workshop


Training to be involved in Fantastic DNA? Check your progress!

By now you should have completed steps 1-6. Don't forget to give us feedback!

Completed by all CE volunteers

Completed by any CE volunteers that want to deliver Fantastic DNA

Arrange with your Cell EXPLORERS local coordinator

Complete 'Intro to Cell EXPLORERS' online module

Complete 'Being an Explainer' online module

Sign the 'Volunteer Enrollment' form

Complete the 'FDIAB' online module

Complete 'Q&A' online module

Give feedback on the online training

Attend practical training for FDIAB 

Go on your 1st FDIAB visit!

Complete the 'CE ethos' online module

10-15 min

15-20 min

5 min

30-45 min

15-20 min

10 min

2.5 hours

1-3 hours

15-20 min

Next you should contact your local CE coordinator to arrange a practical training workshop.

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