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Spikey's journey - New Science Toolkit to be Distributed to Schools Across Ireland

Spikey is the mascot of a new science adventure for primary school age children

We are delighted to see the product of InEdu, a 2 years collaborative ERASMUS + project we took part in to reach the final stage of dissemination to Teachers and Schools in Ireland.

Spikey's journey - an exploration box is a new science toolkit designed to teach 1st, 2nd or 3rd class children about environmental science. The primary aim of the toolkit is to promote active learning based on observation and experimentation.

The toolkit is made of all educational material freely available online at

The kit includes The Story of Spikey's journey and classroom activities.

It also includes a limited edition of a box that contains a kamishibai, which enhances the story telling aspect of Spikey's journey and a guide for teacher. The box will be distributed to 300 classrooms throughout Ireland from January 2019.

To read how to access resources, request the box or learn more about the project, visit Spikey's journey page here.

To Access NUIGalway Press release, click here.

Pictures by Aengus McMahon Photography.

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