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We have a new National Coordinator!

Dr Shane Mc Guinness has just begun as the new National Coordinator of the Cell EXPLORERS programme. Welcome to the team Shane! Shane has years of experience with science education and outreach, having co-founded, a not-for-profit environmental education platform. He has also worked with Dublin Zoo’s Discovery and Learning department, BirdWatch Ireland’s Policy and Advocacy section and The Junior Einstein’s Science Club, in inspiring young and old alike with the wonders of science and the responsibility we have as scientists (and simply human beings) to look after what’s precious.

Shane’s past research has focussed on tackling human-wildlife conflict in eastern Africa, where humanitarian and conservation ideals are sometimes at odds. Through this, Shane has realised that engaging the public through education and outreach is one of the best ways of solving so many of the world’s present and future problems.

Welcome Shane!

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