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Bon Voyage Claire!

Today, we are saying goodbye to our amazing colleague and friend Claire Concannon.

Claire has been working with us since 2013, after completing her PhD in Biochemistry.

She has been involved in every aspects of our programme, including the activities of the NUI Galway team of volunteers, the running of the final year projects, the development of our website and the organization of specific events including science camps and Pint of Science.

Claire has been playing a huge part in the running of Cell EXPLORERS and in its success. In the last two years, Claire has been coordinating the national expansion of our programme by being the key point of contacts with your partners teams, and developing tools to research the programme’s impacts on its participants. She has also be the chocolate expert of the group…

To acknowledge her extraordinary contribution to our programme and to say thank you for being an amazing colleague and supporting team member, we are delighted to award her the very special unique badge of Cell EXPLORER EXTRAORDINAIRE.

Claire is now going to explore the world and engage the public of the New Zealand in Science. We will miss her a lot but Claire will always be part of Cell EXPLORERS wherever she goes. In fact we are hoping that she will get us started with our Southern Hemisphere expansion !

All the very best Claire, and we are looking forward of hearing of your new adventures!

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