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Cell EXPLORERS goes to NSTF Science Days in Gozo, Malta.

Launched on the 22nd February, the NSTF Science Days in Gozo 2016 will take place from Tuesday, 1st March to Thursday, 3rd March at the Gozo College Boys's Secondary School, Victoria, Gozo.

Once again we have been invited to join a team of local and international science communicators who will deliver interactive STEM sessions and spread the love for science!

This year again, the programme is interesting and well balanced with diverse representation of STEM topics including Maths, Marine Biology, robotics and human physiology!

Nancy and Muriel have taken our Breathing Session developped by Anna (Science Without Border Brazilian student and Cell EXPLORERS intern last summer) in their suitcases and will meet with 300 students to make them discover the respiratory system and engage in a respiration experiment.

It is always a pleasure to meet our NSTF friend and director Mr Francis Stivala and his dynamic and dedicated team. The managing team this year is led by Lynette and John, succeeding to successful team leaders Becky & Karl.

This year again blue sky and bright sun have welcomed our team to a busy week full of scientific excitement!

Note on NSTF: The National Student Travel Foundation (Malta) – NSTF - is an organisation with a philanthropic dimension founded in 1977. It is directly in touch with a number of Maltese students through the various educational programmes it organizes each year strives to provide a unique non-formal educational experience. Highlights of the NSTF activity include the NSTF Mini European Assembly, NSTF Science programmes and the NSTF Malta Student Psychology Forum.

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