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Welcome to Claudia, Cell EXPLORERS National Coordinator and education researcher

We are delighted to welcome Dr Claudia Fracchiolla to the Cell EXPLORERS team!

Claudia, native from Venezuela, is a physicist who received her training in the USA. Her research background is mainly in Physics and Physics Education Research (PER) and she received her PhD in Science Education from Kansas State University (KSU) in the summer of 2016.

Claudia has a high level of experience in outreach and informal learning programmes: as a graduate student and postdoctoral fellow she has been involved in outreach projects at various levels. In particular, while at University of Colorado - Boulder, she was the director of an educational community partnership for JILA, an after-school science program that serves K-12 populations that are underrepresented in science.

As the Cell EXPLORERS National coordinator Claudia is responsible for equipping, coordinating and evaluating the activities of all Cell EXPLORERS teams. She is also responsible for event management of some Cell EXPLORERS activities, maintaining the Cell EXPLORERS laboratory and ensuring health and safety standards are upheld.

Claudia will be in charge of starting Cell EXPLORERS new research projects to investigate the impact of our programme on team members including coordinators and volunteer participants, her domain of expertise (see here) as well as the community.

Welcome to the team Claudia!

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