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Cell EXPLORERS NUI Galway volunteer meet & greet!

Join Claudia and our team members on Thursday 14th of September to learn about our programme, chat with existing volunteers and have pizza!

If you are thinking of volunteering with the Cell EXPLORERS NUI Galway the team will meet you at 1pm in the Biochemistry Seminar room ! This room is downstairs in the Biochemistry area of the Arts and Science Concourse building (check map on how to contact us page), look out for the signs directing you.

At this meeting we will tell you about all the activities that we will be involved in this semester and how you can get started in spreading the joy of science! Most importantly you will have a chance to talk to the team and meet new interested team members.

If you cannot make it to the meeting, you can learn more about volunteering here, and sign up for this year here.

Students and researchers from other institutions can contact our local team coordinators at their respective email address:

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