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Cell EXPLORERS bust the myth of the mad scientist at GSTF 2016

What do you see when you think of a scientist? An old man, with crazy white hair, wearing a lab coat and goggles while covered in a cloud of smoke? This is the classic perception that many people might have but this is not how scientists look like!

Cell Explorers will address this mad scientist stereotype in their new workshop at the 2016 Galway Science & Technology Festival on the 27th November 2016.

The Arty Scientist workshop will create a space where children can draw life-size self-portraits of themselves as scientists, using pictures of the diverse population of scientists based in NUI Galway as inspiration. A mixed team of artists, led by Marina Wild, a member of the University’s Arts Office and Shane Cunningham, auditor of the student Arts Society, and scientists will be on hand to help the young participants. This innovative project is supported by the French Embassy, Science Week Ireland and the Galway Science & Technology Festival.

More information here:

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