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Hands on Science with Cell EXPLORERS & Kitchen Chemistry at NUI Galway Youth Academy

A team of 18 young scientists joined us for 3 saturdays of practicing experiments in the Biochemistry lab for the second term of NUI Galway Youth Academy.

With our team, led by Ivor, our young guests found out how our bodies work and discovered the amazing world of cells, which are found in all living things. They looked at their own cells under the microscope, learn about different types of cells and use the scientific method to investigate what happens inside cells!

Our team was made from Nancy, also very involved in preparation and training, Aisling, new recruit this year already quite experienced, Veasna, one of our founding members, Ciara, our expert in Fantastic DNA and youth academy, and Tara, international student who joined the team this year.

This year's class was a joy to work with, with many questions and excitment in every aspects of the course! In the second part of the course, after mid term break they will learn about atoms, electrons, protons and neutrons, the small entities that make matter, with our friendly neighbours from Kitchen Chemistry! Have fun!

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