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Brilliant talks by Cell EXPLORERS team members at Famelab Galway

The International FameLab Science Communication competition has arrived in Galway this year! The Galway Regional Heat during which 10 participants competed for two places in the Ireland final took place on the 9th of February 2016.

The ten scientists came from a variety of backgrounds, from a professor of mathematics to a researcher in medical device design, all from NUi Galway with 4 of them being current or past Cell EXPLORERS team members.

The competing scientists were given a total of three minutes each to explain their research, or any scientific concept they like to a public audience and a panel of judges. Presentations answered a range of questions from ‘Can biomaterials fix a broken heart?’ to ‘Will we use light to control the brain?’ to ‘How can coral reefs survive in cold, wet Ireland?’

ALumni Ellen McGrory, PhD student, Environmental geochemistry, talked about "Coffee and caffeine: a love sotry" and Laura Olsen, PhD Student in Pharmacology wondered if we would control the human brain with light. Current team members Edel Browne, Biotechnology undergraduate student, presented her work on a device to support Parkinson patient and Ivor Geoghegan, PhD Student in Biomedical engineering,CÚRAM, explained to us how bones feel gravity. It was a pleasure to see them on stage and encourage them in this new adventure.

The winner of the evening was Professor Michel Destrade, Professor of Applied Mathematics, who told us it is good news to be soft in the head. Second place went to Dilip Thomas, PhD student, CÚRAM who discussed the couch potato gene! Edel secured the 3rd place of the competition.

1st and 2nd place candidates will participate to the FameLab Ireland Final, held at the Science Gallery in Dublin on Thursday, 7 April 2016.

Non successful candidates will be entered in the video heat and have still a chance to make it to the Ireland final! All the best to them all!


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