We have teamed up with the 'I'm a Scientist Get me Out Of Here' team, so that our enthusiastic scientist volunteers can still interact with our young members of the public to talk about all things science-related! Teachers and their pupils will be able to use the Cell EXPLORERS zone on the I'm a Scientist platform to engage in a structured online chat with one of our Cell EXPLORERS scientists. You can find out more about what it means to be a scientist- whether it is about what training is involved, what scientists do in their free time, or what is involved in doing scientific research.


I'm a Cell EXPLORER Scientist, Let's chat!



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The structure of the chat discussion




Each online chat session lasts 35 minutes and is moderated live by a Cell EXPLORERS staff member. The platform acts as a 'virtual classroom' as teachers logon with their students and are also free to participate in the discussion.

CEIAS chat structure infographic.png

How Do I Book a Chat Session?



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To book at chat session for your class, or to learn more about what is involved, head to the Cell EXPLORERS Zone on the I'm a Scientist platform