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at the Galway Science & Technology Festival 2015

Primary School Visits

Primary School Visits


An important part of the GSTF, the Cell EXPLORERS Fantastic DNA School Roadshow and Little Cells school visits allow children to learn about science in their own classrooms through interactive, hands-on activities or experiments. Each session lasts 1 hr and two classes in a school can be accommodated per visit. The teacher must be present throughout the visit. 


Sign your school or class up for a Cell EXPLORERS visit by completing the form at or by emailing


**For Fantastic DNA priority will be given to Galway county schools which have not received the visit of a festival science show within the last two years** (Though we will do our best to visit other schools at different times throughout the school year!)


Fantastic DNA

Fantastic DNA is aimed at senior cycle primary school children. This session involves an introduction to cells and DNA and then every child completes a banana DNA extraction experiment and work in pairs to build a DNA model!


Suitable for: 3rd class to 6th class (8 - 12 yrs old)

Shows: 30 students, 1 hour duration

Venue: classroom
Available:  Now - 20th November



Little Cells

Aimed at junior cycle primary school childen, Little Cells teaches children about the different types of cells they can find in their bodies through interactive games and activities.


Suitable for: Junior infants to 2nd class (5 - 8 yrs old)

Shows: 30 students, 1 hour duration

Venue: classroom
Available: 9th - 20th November in Galway City schools

Our school visits are supported by a SFI Discover award.


Little Cells school visits are suppored by a GSTF bursary.

Exhibition Day Workshops

Exhibition Day Workshops


GSTF Exhibition Day 2015 takes place on Sunday 22nd November in NUI Galway. Cell EXPLORERS will host 5 exciting workshops on that day, be sure to come along and learn about the world of cells and DNA, what happens in your brain or the research that is carried out in NUI Galway! There is a chance to win a prize in each workshop by entering our draws! 


To book your free tickets to attend any of the Cell EXPLORERS workshops please visit after the 14th November. A limited number of spaces will be available on the day for those who have not pre-booked.


The Fantastic DNA Workshop

Suitable for young children and their families the Fantastic DNA! Workshop is a 30 min session with 2 discovery activities based around DNA. Participants will extract fruit DNA and build a DNA model. 


Capacity: 35 

Duration: 30 minutes

Shows: 11:00, 12:00, 1:00, 2:00, 3:00, 4:00

Suitable for: Parents and children (from 6 years old)


School of Natural Sciences Next Top Model Organism Workshop

Suitable for older children and their parents. The SNS Next Top Model Organism Workshop gives an opportunity for people to talk with researchers that work in the School, learn what they study and why. Participants are given the chance to vote on their favourite model organism and a winning visitor will get a chance to visit the research lab that studies that organism!


Capacity: 40

Duration: 40 minutes

Shows: 11:30, 13:00, 14:30, 16:00

Suitable for: Parents and children (from 10 years old)


The Little Cells Workshop

New to Exhibition Day 2015 is the Little Cells Workshop, an interactive session that introduces young children to the concept of cells, the very small units, that make up the bodies of every living things. Participants can play visual and tactile games to discover the human body and some of the cells that it is made of. Children will be able to create their very own type of cell from jumping clay and take it home. 


Guardians must be in attendance at all times during events. The show is suitable for children aged 4 – 8 years. 


Capacity: 30

Duration: 30 minutes

Shows: 11:00, 12:00, 13:00, 14:00, 15:00, 16:00

Suitable for: Parents and children (from 4 - 8 years old)









The Exploring Under the Microscope Workshop

New this year, this workshop is an interactive session that introduces young children to microscopes and their use to discover the world around us. Children will investigate insects and spiders and what tools they use to walk on walls!


Capacity: 35

Duration: 30 minutes

Shows: 11:00, 12:00, 13:00, 14:00, 15:00, 16:00

Suitable for: Parents and children (from 5 years old). Note: an activity station in the workshop will accomodate siblings aged 3-5 years.











The Brain EXPLORERS Workshop

Meet the Brain EXPLORERS in the NUI Galway display in the Bailey Allen Hall and discover the basics of brain biology using hands-on and interactive activities! Activities include microscopy, puzzles, matching games, model building races or interactive circuits during which the public can go from the cellular level up to how the brain and the nervous system work as a whole.



Shows: Free Access in the Bailey Allen Hall, all day!

Suitable for: Parents and children (from 10 years old). 

The Fantastic DNA!, Little Cells and SNS Next Top Model Workshops are supported by a SFI Discover Award

The Little Cells workshop is supported by a GSTF bursary

The Exploring Under the Microsope! workshop is a collaboration between the 'Under the Microscope' outreach initiative from the Discipline of Anatomy in NUI Galway and Cell EXPLORERS. Under the Microscope are supported by the Royal Microscopical Society and the Microscopy Society of Ireland. 

The Brain EXPLORERS workshop has been developed with awards from the American Society for Cell Biology and The Biochemical Society

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