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NUI Galway Scientist for a day!

Thursday October 31st 2019 

What is scientist for a day? Cell EXPLORERS, Eco EXPLORERS and Under the Microscope are combining effort to give children the opportunity to be scientists for a day during mid-term breaks. The day is highly interactive, with all children getting a hands-on experience of real experiments!

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Join us and discover the fascinating world of bugs, reptiles and other creepy-crawlies! Eco EXPLORERS is a science outreach initiative created by Dr. Michel Dugon from the NUI Galway Discipline of Zoology. In this workshop, Michel will introduce children to important concepts such as biodiversity, animal conservation and ecology using live exotic animals.




With Cell EXPLORERS you will find out about the amazing world of cells, which are found in all living things. You will learn about the important cell instruction book, the DNA and you will use lab equipment to extract fruit DNA in a fun experiment!


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