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Bio-EXPLORERS Easter Camp

April 7th - 10th


Cell EXPLORERS are delighted to be joining up with Eco-EXPLORERS (The Bug Hunter, Dr. Michel Dugon) to run the Bio-EXPLORERS Easter camp again this year. Join us for four days of hands on experiments on cells, insects, microbes and the environment. The camp runs from 10am to 4pm everyday. For more details, email us at


17th April


Cell EXPLORERS are excited to be involved in Irelands first Teen Tech event to be run in NUI Galway, hosted by the Galway Science and Technology Forum. For more info check out the teentech website:


Cell EXPLORERS at the Teen Tech Event

International DNA day

25th April


This year NUI Galway Open Day coincides with International DNA Day! The 25th April is remembered as the day on which the double helix structure of DNA was published in the journal Nature. This momentuous finding paved the way for modern genetics. In celebration of DNA day a hands on experimental pracitical will be run in NUI Galway for visiting students to take part in so that they can learn more about DNA and how DNA is used in many different applications today. Keep an eye here and on the Cell EXPLORERS facebook page for more details leading up to the day.

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