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Feedback from Cell EXPLORER activities


Here you can see some of the amazing feedback from the classes we have visited and read some of the comments we have received from parents, teachers and children!

Children's Feedback



"This was class"

"Very, very good day"

"It was great and now I want to work in a lab when I'm older"

"I had fun and it was interesting"

"I loved it" 

Teacher Feedback


"There was a perfect balance between presentation and experimentation."


"From presentation to experiment, ildren's appetite was really wetted for scientifiec exploration."


"The scientists were very good with the children and interacted very well with them. It was paced very well with a lot of manipulation to keep them interested."

Parent Feedback


"Brilliantly presentedy enthusiastic scientists. Can't wait for next year! My sons loved it!"


"Very tactile and interactive"


"Very fun and interesting for kids"


"Should be in all schools"


"Keep it going!"

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