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Its National Science Week!

Happy National Science Week to you all! Events are happening all around the country from the 9th to the 16th of November to celebrate the 2014 National Science Week. The theme this year is 'The Power of Science' and the aim is to show the power that science, technology, maths and engineering has in our everyday lives. For a full list of events you can check out the events page. Luckily for us Galway folks, the Galway Science and Technology Festival runs FOR A WHOLE FORTNIGHT! And it culminates in the GSTF Exhibition Day, taking place this year on the 23rd November on NUI Galway campus. We are so excited to once again taking a big role in Galway science fortnight, with no less than 6 school trips planned this week alone, with more to come next week and with 3 workshops taking place on Exhibition day!!! So make sure to book your free ticket and take part in one of our fun workshops on the 23rd November! May the power of science be with you!


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