About us

Cell EXPLORERS is a science education and outreach programme based in the School of Natural Sciences in the National University of Ireland, Galway. We work on a unique model where volunteers and student projects combine to allow sustainable outreach.  

Our aim is to promote hands-on discovery of molecular and cellular biology. Read more about our activities by visiting the Activities page or see our latest activities report here


We are currently funded by Science Foundation Ireland to support our outreach work in the West of Ireland and to support the national expansion of the Cell EXPLORERS programme to other Higher Education Insitutions across Ireland. You can find out more by visiting the Partner Teams page.


The Galway Science and Technology Festival and Forum also support our workshops and exhibitions during the festival. We are funded and supported in-kind by the Discipline of Biochemistry the School of Natural Sciences and the Galway University Foundation in NUI Galway. You can learn about our funders and the partner schools, organisations and institutions we work with on our Friends of Cell EXPLORERS page.