Because of COVID-19, we have moved our activities online for the remaining of 2020. 

They will be based on our hands-on science session Fantastic DNA for schools or for Science Festivals, but with new approaches!

Click below to learn about what we offer and how to take part.

Pre Covid-19


Activities for Schools and Youth Groups


The Fantastic DNA in a Box workshop is a remote DNA extraction session that can be run by teachers in the classroom without the physical presence of demonstrators. 

Through the use of pre-packaged materials, video instructions and online support, teachers can set up this session with ease and run the session either alone guided by videos or through a online video call with Cell Explorers Explainers.

 We have teamed up with the "I'm a Scientist" programme, so that our enthusiastic scientist volunteers can still interact with our young members of the public to talk about all things science-related! Teachers and their pupils will be able to use the I'm a Scientist platform to engage in a structured online chat with one of our Cell EXPLORERS scientists. You can find out more about what it means to be a scientist- whether it is about what training is involved, what scientists do in their free time, or what is involved in doing scientific research.


Workshops for Science festivals